Auguste Renoir - Young woman sewing 1879

Young woman sewing 1879
Young woman sewing
1879 61x50cm oil/canvas
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

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From Art Institute of Chicago :
Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted this canvas on his first visit to the estate of his patron Paul-Antoine Berard at Wargemont on the Normandy coast. There he made a series of portraits of Madame Berard and her children, as well as some decorations for the château: still lifes of game for the dining room and of flowers for the library and drawing room. Young Woman Sewing part genre subject, part floral still life was one of a number of additional paintings Renoir made at Wargemont that were not commissioned by Berard. The flowers asters and chrysanthemums suggest a date in the late summer.
— Permanent collection label