Auguste Renoir - Madame Clementine Stora in algerian dress 1870

Madame Stora in algerian dress 1870
Madame Clementine Stora in algerian dress
1870 84x58cm oil/canvas
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Madame Clémentine Valensi Stora (L'Algérienne) is an oil painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, completed in 1870. It depicts a young Jewish woman, Rebecca Clémentine Stora, in Algerian costume and is untypical of Renoir's work, leading to debate about the place of the painting within his oeuvre. Renoir and Stora both later repudiated the work.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir was closely associated with the Impressionist movement and the painting of modern life in France in the mid-nineteenth century. L'Algérienne is untypical of his output in depicting a named living subject in an oriental costume. Renoir did create a number of Orientalist works including Woman of Algiers ("Odalisque") (1870) and Parisian Women in Algerian Costume (The Harem) (1872), however, both were homages to existing works rather than portraits of living people, Ingres' Grande Odalisque (1814, Louvre) in the first case and Delacroix's Women of Algiers in their Apartment (1834, Louvre) in the second. Renoir did not travel abroad until 1881 when he visited Algeria.