Auguste Renoir - Young woman at the piano 1876

Young woman at the piano 1876
Young woman at the piano
1876 93x74cm oil/canvas
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

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From Art Institute of Chicago:
It was in the mid-19th century that the piano became the most popular instrument for domestic music making. By the time Pierre-Auguste Renoir made this painting, the upright piano in particular had become an almost indispensable accoutrement of the bourgeois home. Judging from her casual robe d’intérieur, a confection of white diaphanous fabric over a bluish underdress, Renoir’s young Parisienne is playing for herself or her family, rather than for a formal audience. The artist showed this work at the 1876 Impressionist exhibition, along with Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise, also on view in this gallery.
— Permanent collection label