Auguste Renoir - Ellen Andree 1879

Ellen Andree 1879
Ellen Andree
1879 58х42cm pastel/paper
Private collection

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Ellen Andrée (1857–1925) was a French model for Edgar Degas and other impressionists in the 1870s living in the Rue de Rocher in Paris.
Andrée was born in 1857 in Paris. She started her work as a model and she has become notable because she appeared in a number of important impressionist paintings. She was an actress in the Naturalist style of theatre where the purpose was to give a near perfect view of real scenes and not to rely on the audience's imagination. She appeared in plays and comedies like those by Sacha Guitry and Georges Courteline and she worked for several decades as an actress but it was the brief period in the 1870s when she was a model for a number of artists but importantly Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir that made her name notable. She also appeared in a painting of Rolla by Henri Gervex in 1878 that was based on a poem by Alfred de Musset.