Auguste Renoir - Roche Goyon 1885

Roche Goyon 1885
Roche Goyon
1885 46x56cm oil/canvas
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

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From Aberdeen Art Gallery:
Pierre Auguste Renoir is today regarded as one of the greatest exponents of Impressionism. His early work was influenced by Gustave Courbet and until c.1868 he used heavy impasto and dark colours. That year, however, he and Claude Monet worked together painting on the Seine, and as a result Renoir's colours became lighter and his handling freer.
The time Renoir spent with Cézanne in La Roche-Guyon was critical for his development and in this work the influence of Cézanne's 'constructivist stroke' is clear. Here the strokes run diagonally from upper right to lower left through the sky, clouds, and distant hills, and down to the roofs of the cottages.