Auguste Renoir - The Braid. Suzanne Valadon 1886

The Braid Suzanne Valadon 1886
The Braid. Suzanne Valadon
1886 57x47cm oil/canvas
Museum Langmatt

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From Museum Langmatt:
Renoir had the model Suzanne Valadon — who was later to become a talented painter herself — pose as a peasant girl, or "Italienne". Corot and Bouguereau also depicted this popular motif in many pictures. Precise contours accentuate the young woman’s voluptuous body, which is moulded almost sculpturally in a technique reminiscent of the Old Masters. It contrasts with the vegetation in the background, which is painted with diagonal brushstrokes. This well-known painting displays typical characteristics of Renoir’s “période ingresque” — the years after 1883, when he felt he had exhausted the resources of Impressionism and reverted to virtuoso draughtsmanship and an academic style of painting.