Auguste Renoir - Christine Lerolle Embroidering 1897

Christine Lerolle Embroidering 1897
Christine Lerolle Embroidering
1897 81x61cm oil/canvas
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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From Columbus Museum of Art:
By the 1890s, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one of the originators of Impressionism, had achieved a remarkable synthesis of his Impressionist techniques and the techniques of some of the old master painters. Here, the figure of Christine Lerolle, daughter of an art collector, fills the frame in a manner that recalls paintings by Velázquez, whose work Renoir admired very much. Renoir has taken up a traditional theme in Western art: the interests and activities that the nineteenth century considered appropriate to each sex reading, writing, and the appreciation of fine art for men and the pursuit of domestic arts for women. In the background, two male visitors are admiring works by Renoir and Edgar Degas.