Auguste Renoir - The Judgment of Paris 1908

The Judgment of Paris 1908
The Judgment of Paris
1908 oil/canvas
Collection of Henry P. Mclllhenny, Germantown, Pennsylvania

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The most traditional of the French Impressionists, Renoir indulged his love of color and rich textures without abandoning interest in form. In this respect he was heir to the tradi- tions of eighteenth century French painting, which in its turn had gained much from Rubens. Renoir painted, and even sculptured, several Judgments of Paris. This painting, one of his later works, is executed in a free style with easy, loose brush strokes. The figures are broadly modeled with those radiant flesh tones that Renoir had so well mastered. The landscape, in which the artist has placed a small Greek temple to suggest the classical setting of the story, is executed in a purely impressionistic technique.