Auguste Renoir - Dancer with castanettes 1909

Dancer with castanettes 1909
Dancer with castanettes
1909 64х155cm oil/canvas
The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London

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From The National Gallery, London:
This picture, together with its companion piece 'Dancing Girl with Tambourine' was painted to form part of the decoration for the dining room of an apartment belonging to Monsieur Maurice Gangnat at 24 Avenue de Friedland, Paris.
It was intended that the pictures should hang either side of a mirror, and originally the figures were to bear dishes of fruit. The model for both the girls was Georgette Pigeot, but the head of the figure in this work was modelled on Renoir's maid, Gabrielle Renard.
Renoir is said to have considered the two paintings as among the most important of his late works.